Full Care at a Glance:    


  • grain offered twice daily

  • hay

  • daily stall maintenance

  • automatic fly control system

  • bedding

  • daily turnout in horse-safe paddock or field, weather permitting,

  • blanket and fly mask service

  • hoof care and picking during wet weather periods,

  • full use of all facilities, and 

  • trailer parking  

The Full Care package offers all of the standard amenities for your horse, including daily feedings and maintenance of our matted stalls and attached paddocks. Feed and grain are delivered and stored in a well managed feed room to maintain quality and cleanliness.



As an owner, you will have access to all of our well-maintained, comfortable facilities, including indoor and outdoor arenas with available jumps, trailer parking, tack room, and feed room. You will also be able to ride on the 5.5 miles of well maintained trails in the Walnut Creek Estates

Concierge Care is the more luxurious indoor boarding option, including all the features of the Full Care package along with added amenities. Under Concierge Care, your horse will benefit from regular grooming and bathing services. As an boarder, you will have available to you tack cleaning, scheduling and holding for medical services, and our special "Horse Ready" service.  

With "Horse Ready" Services, your horse is clean and tacked when you arrive and bathed when you finish your ride. Furthermore, your tack is cleaned and put away.  Of course, you will also have full access to all of our facilities. 

Boarding Packages

Huntmore Stables offers two levels of indoor boarding service: Full Care and Concierge services. Outdoor boarding options are also available.

Pasture Boarding at a Glance:

  • Group paddock

  • Tack room

  • Mineral Blocks provided

  • Daily Feeding of grain

  • Daily feedings of quality hay

  • Fly masks during the summer and spray will be applied

Concierge Care at a Glance:

 All of the services of Full Care plus...

  • Grooming/bathing services 

  • Blanket/tack cleaning

  • "Horse Ready" service that has your horse tacked and ready to go when you arrive

  • Scheduling and holding for vets and farriers


As a participant in our Pasture Boarding program, your horse will have access to several acres of group paddocks on the Huntmore property. Moreover, outdoor boarding will not exclude your horse from the utmost level of care; he or she will be provided with daily feedings, mineral blocks, and fly prevention services. As a boarder, you will have access to our comfortable tack room.